Happy Valentine's Day

One of the best parts about being a teacher is celebrating Valentine's Day at school. Today I was showered with balloons, candy, cupcakes, pencils, pens, chocolates, and suckers shaped like a bouquet. Middle school students have not outgrown this holiday and I love the cute valentines some slip to one another on the sly. I also work in a 2nd grade classroom each day so I got to make my own Valentine envelope to hang up just like I used to do in elementary school. The class invited me in later to share valentines. What a precious time.

Of course, coming home to flowers and more valentines made my day complete. It is amazing how everyone smiles a little bigger, says a few more kind words, and appreciates others on this special holiday. That is why it has always been my favorite holiday. Happy Valentine's Day. Help spread the love.


  1. Happy Valentine's day. I've always like valentine's day too. Homemade valentine's from children are always fun. Although my child is grown up, I still have some old ones from when she was a child. Another blogger posted some old valentines her daughter made for her which made me hunt for some of the old ones I saved. Fun memories.

  2. Oh it sounds like you had such a super day........

    much love



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