Happy Blog Anniverary Silver Valley Girl

Saturday, February 2nd was my sister's one year anniversary for her blog Silver Valley Stories. If you haven't visited her blog you can find it here.

This last year we have been invited into my sister's life through her humorous words, photo images, touching stories, history lessons, words of faith, honest posts, and a view of a backyard tree almost every day. Her blog posts have highlighted her three beautiful daughters as one won a trip to Washington, D.C. as a Idaho History Day contest winner, another talked to the astonauts in space and met Barbara Morgan later, and the third daughter graced Teeter's Field and a few weeks later the KHS stage by being part of the Homecoming court at my alma mater and playing Fairy May in "The Curious Savage". We have followed her husband's successful balancing act as an actor, director, teacher, husband, and father. About fifty- three weeks ago my sister created our Sibling Assignment we do each week with our brother Raymond Pert. In reference to our weekly ritual this is what she said on her blog post yesterday,

" Another nice thing is the interaction I have with my siblings Raymond Pert and Inland Empire Girl. Besides our weekly sibling assignments that we share, I love learning about their lives and thoughts and memories as I read their posts. It has drawn us all closer together this year, and helped us learn more about one another."

I agree with her. It is amazing how three of us could have lived in the same house and reflected on the same events and have such different perspectives. I think because of Silver Valley Girl each of us has been about to reflect on our growing up years in a deeper way and it has given all of us a purpose for writing memoir each week.

Happy Anniversary SVG! I look forward to another year of learning, laughing and finding inspiration through Silver Valley Stories.

here is Silver Valley Girl celebrating another first.... her first birthday!


  1. I've enjoyed the sibling assignments. I don't always comment but I enjoy reading them.

  2. Charli and me5.2.08

    I love the way you have your blog set up. It's very interesting to read too.

  3. I love your sibling assignments and think it is so cool that you guys connect in this way.

  4. I've enjoyed getting to know your sister through her blog. I really admire how real she is. I love your sibling assignments, too. What a great way to bring the family together!

  5. Thanks for the nice write up on my blog. I look forward to another year of blogging together!!

  6. Cripes - I didnt realise Silvers Blob was so young, so Silver started blobbing just a few weeks before me.... only with better grammar and spelling and content LOL...

    HAPPY FIRST ANNIE SilverValleyGirl..

    Ive so enjoyed reading all 3 of your blobs..... I know I dont always comment, but Im always here there and everywhere between the 3 of ya....



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