Evening Sky, But Better Morning Sky

We had a perfect view of the lunar eclipse, but I don't have a perfect camera for taking distance shots. I did like the way the moon peeked through the pine needles though.
Early this morning the sky was much easier to photograph. The fog hung over the lake and the sun just began to creep up over the mountains east of us.
Awhile later JEJ was quick enough to catch a woodpecker at the sky high water dish. The fog had lifted from the lake to make more clouds above the mountains. The morning temperatures are still staying about 19 or 20 degrees at sunrise, but fortunately the sun came out for most of the day. The days are getting longer and longer. Yes!


  1. quite a week here in the NW for sky watching.
    First... that Meteor that blasted like a sonic boom over our town.
    Then the shuttle landed.
    Then continue watching for the spy satellite which went right over us on it's last orbit.
    Then a perfect moon eclipse.

    Amazing stuff.

  2. I sympathize with you about having a camera that couldn't capture the beauty we were seeing. But I agree. that's a cool shot framed by the pine needles. And the morning pictures are wonderful.

  3. Beautiful photographs. I had issues with my camera not being up to the lunar eclipse as well as having trees in the way but it was fun trying. I like the way the moon was peeping out through the pine needles in your shot too. All of these photographs are lovely. I'm glad the days are getting longer. My daughter who live in the midwest has been the same way. She recently said, I know this sounds crazy mom but I'm so happy it's 20 degrees F instead up below 0. They have been hit pretty hard this winter where she is too.

  4. Pamela: The sky has certainly kept us busy!
    Rondi: My husband was able to catch the morning pictures as I was racing around getting ready for school!
    Carver: I sure liked your moon pictures.


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