Can You Ever Have Too Many Snowmen?

I collect snowmen. As I looked around today I figured it is about time to put them away for another year. I started collecting snowmen about fifteen years ago, but got serious when I got the snowman in the top row on the right made from a sock. My niece The Princess made it for me about twelve years ago.
I always like putting out snowmen after Christmas to cheer up the house during the rest of the winter season. Friends and family have found the most unique additions to my collection. Someone came to my house once during the cloudy, dark winter and said the cheery smiles of the snowmen made her day. That is how it is for me. Now that the days are longer and I am seeing more sunshine I do think it is time to drag down the tubs and put the snowmen to bed for another year.


  1. Be sure to put them in cold storage.

    You don't want to go to pull them out next year and find a puddle.

  2. I started collecting snowmen when one person gave me the cutest little guy as a gift. That was in the early 1990s and I still find snow friends that can't help but come home with me.

    There is something about them that make my heart sing. :)

    Except for teacups, they are the only collection I have kept adding to over the years since we moved to a smaller house. I display all of them at Christmas and then leave only a few out the rest of the year.

  3. what fun!! I need to collect something other than dust.

  4. I too throughly enjoy them.Thanks for sharing them

  5. It's fun to have something to collect. I collect bears and rag dolls. Helps focus my souvenir shopping!

  6. Gee, I wish I'd known! I was digging around about a year ago and realize I'd amassed quite a few of different types and kinds of snowmen. Left them all in the den for a week and then sent Cliffie to Goodwill with them. :( I figured they'd have people who would give them a good home.

  7. Yes, RP they will be put in cold storage. lol. I was interested to hear so many of you also collect snowmen.
    jbelle: I am sure those snowmen found a good home....but they would have loved the snowmen here!

  8. What a lovely idea to have snowmen around the house, especially after the crimbo decorations have been taken down and put away.... it sure bought a smile to me face just looking at their smilie faces....



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