Sunday Scribblings: Miscellaneous

When I hear the word miscellaneous I remember when it was a bonus word on a spelling list in elementary school . I now just write misc. so I don't have to check the spelling. I have misc. computer files, misc. music files, and a misc. category in my recipe box.

Today I decided to share miscellaneous pictures. These pictures would all fall into a file called "misc. cold weather pictures." When I arrived at school today my temperature gauge in the car read -3. I keep hearing it may warm up this week-end. Did you ever think 20 degrees would be a heatwave?
JEJ caught this magnificent sunrise with the clouds lifting from the lake this morning.
This icicle reminds me of a backbone.

The gazebo is cold and foreboding. A few days ago I caught the early sunset.

But of course there are cat pictures in every misc. file. Kit and Isabelle decided they would wait for the heatwave to go back out and watch for birds.

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  1. You and JEJ are going to have to give a seminar on taking great photographs.

  2. Kit & Isabelle look so cozy.
    We have our daughter's cat temporarily (or longer??)
    ... and our Contessa has not been happy. But this week LG is standing up to the Contessa. We'll find out soon if they become friends or hissy twins.

    As usual, your camera has been entertaining.

  3. Love the pix of your kitties -- plus, my eye was drawn to your little rug just to the left of them -- I bought the same pattern in a runner size for in front of the sofa, one for my front door and one for my archway from the kitchen to the LR. Once again we're on the same wavelength.....

  4. Anonymous25.1.08

    That icicle does look like a spine!

    stay warm!

  5. What gorgeous pictures! That icicle is fantastic. I've never seen such a thing. Where I live the winters are mostly mild. This week especially, we've had almost 20 degrees(Celsius) and lots of sun.
    I prefer to write misc too ;)

  6. here it is just rain rain rain... and somehow rain never translates as nicely on to film as snow... cute kittys too!!!!

  7. I thought it was cold here, hovering in the low teens. Your photos are amazing. The first two are especially impressive.

  8. Gorgeous photographs -- it's really cold here today but not as cold as that!! I laughed -- yes, I too remember when "miscellaneous" was a bonus word on a spelling test!!

  9. Those photos make winter look beautiful. Yes. I understand 20* being a heatwave. Last week, was so cold that I shut down the upstairs until the outside temp. reached 20* again. There are only so many hundreds of dollars that I want to spend on heating each month. I still have to check the spelling on miscellaneous. It's hard to remember that their is only one "S" in it.

  10. I'd swap yor winter for ours! All we get is 6 months of greyness and damp! Bring on the icicles I say! great pics - neat post.

  11. These are so pretty. You should share them over on sky watch Friday.

  12. Stunning photos! Beautiful country and cats. It was -17 yesterday am here in St. Paul. :O)
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Lovely photos. But I'll have to sit by the fire a while.

  14. Go Figure: THanks. I just carry the camera everywhere I go! I do use the wrist thingy now since I dropped one on the rocks in the garden.
    Pamela: We still have some hissing going on here with our Queen.
    Marcy: If we swapped pictures of our interiors we'd probably find more similarities. lol
    Thanks Janet... and we are staying warm... but it is snowing again.
    devil mood: I have really enjoyed catching poses of the icicles. They have a unique beauty.
    paisley: There is beauty in snow for sure.
    hi Herb. Yes it is cold in this part of the state and thanks for the kind words. I was pleased with how they turned out. Right place at the right time.
    Thanks Sherry... it has warmed up a bit but more snow is falling.
    Shari: We had to close of the doggie door so it throws all the pets off when they have to wait for someone to open the door for them.
    Welcome Keith: Yes, I think the gray and damp would get to me.

    Hi Yolanda: I need to check out Sky Watch Friday. Thanks.
    Okay Noni... I won't complain about being cold. Did it ever get that cold in southern Idaho?
    anthonynorth: Yes, a fire is good.

  15. I drew my inspiration from you this week and decided to share my photographs. I carry my camera with me as well. Love the morning sky.

  16. Beautiful photos. There has been little, if any, color here for the last few days - low gray sky and rising white ground.

  17. I think the kitties have the right idea - find a good snuggle partner :)

  18. What interesting and beautiful photos!


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