Sunday Scribblings: Fellow Travelers

This week's Sunday Scribbling topic is Fellow Travelers. I have had many traveling companions through my life, but today I am going to honor Nikki and Lucy. These two loyal travelers are the first two dogs I owned during my adult life. They traveled with me through the first half of my teaching career, my pursuit of a Master's Degree, a broken marriage, saying good-bye to a wide circle of friends, the death of my father, and relocating to a new job and new place to live.

Nikki came into my life in 1981. She came from a farm in the Horse Heaven Hills south of Kennewick, Washington. From the first day this springer spaniel shivered in my arms on the way home she captured my heart. She was docile, intelligent and loyal. You could always get her excited by taking her swimming in the river, hunting in the orchards behind the house, or having "kissing sessions." Lucy joined our family in 1990. She was a springer/cocker/maybe poodle mix and Nikki and Lucy became fast and furious friends. They loved doing all the same activities. Lucy's energetic personality balanced Nikki's calmer one.

When my ex-husband left us these two became protective of me at home and on the road. We enjoyed trips to the ocean, southern Idaho, and moved to Moscow, Idaho one summer when I taught at the University of Idaho. I always felt safe as I began my journey as a single person with these fellow travelers.

Relocating to Inchelium was a big change for all of us, but Lucy took over the guiding role as she steered Nikki around as her eyesight faded. I think they were both the most at home in my present house. They could run the acres, not worry about gardens( not much was planted yet). and we were close to the lake.

In the spring of 1996 my father's health began to fail along with Nikki's. As my dad spent his last weeks at home dying of cancer Nikki was getting thinner and seemed a bit lost in the world. Dad died in June and Nikki in July that year. Lucy and me were left as fellow travelers for the next chapter in our lives. You can read another post I wrote about Lucy and Nikki here.

Nikki is pointing for the first time and going for a stick in Rose Lake. Lucy is trying out our new home in Inchelium and resting on the grass as a puppy.

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  1. I love this post! A good dog can change your life, at least in quality.

  2. Beautiful - loved your warm & fuzzy post! Thank YOU so very much!

  3. Beautiful post and tribute to Nikki and Lucy.

  4. A bitter-sweet post and a tender glimpse inside your past. Dogs are truly the best side-kicks on this road we travel and you've touched my heart. . .I have an old girl, Pashka, that I've had since 1993 and I brace myself for the inevitable which will include losing a part of myself. You know...
    Anyway, thanks for commenting on Spokane--I did work in law offices there and would travel to spend the summer weekends one year with my fiance's parents in Cd'A. I lived both in Brown's Addition and near Gonzaga.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. How I loved reading this :)

    Dogs do make the journey through life so much sweeter, don't they!

    Lovely post!!

    BTW, I just read a book on this very subject you might enjoy. I've posted a review at "Bookstack" my new book blog:

  6. It was so nice to meet these fellow-travellers of yours. I love that first photo.

  7. I've woken up to tears reading this. So much love.

    This is beautiful.

  8. If we are all in heaven together, I want to take Snug to meet Nikki, first thing. I think of Nikki so often when I look at Snug because Nikki is the reason I decided to bring a Springer into my life.

  9. Lovely post. Pets are great travelling companions in life

  10. It sounds like they provided you with lots of companionship, comfort, and security.

  11. I must be at an emotional moment, as hearing about your ol' pups made my eyes moist.

  12. what a touching story. i have an incredibly soft spot for animals and have never lived without them in my entire life. they fill a part of you with their unconditional and loyal love that you cannot find anywhere else.

    my daughter has a springer spaniel and a cocker spaniel (2 males). they are beautiful, loyal dogs indeed. i had written a post about them and my 3 cats and posted pictures of them as well. drop by and read about it sometime....i think you would enjoy it (it all had to do with the dynamics of the dogs/cats in the house and the latest addition).

    nikki and lucy.....beautiful dogs indeed.

  13. great minds think alike. dogs are the best.

  14. A very touching post I can really relate to. I lost mine last year.

    The loss of a pet is profound and I'm truly sorry for your loss.


  15. I was touched by this post. It reminded me of my father as well as my dear sweet cocker who left a bad marriage with me. So poignant.Thanks.

  16. Thanks to all of you for the kind comments. As I put this post together I don't think I even realized how much I miss my fellow travelers. Have a good week everyone!

  17. teaching career, my pursuit of a Master's Degree, a broken marriage, saying good-bye to a wide circle of friends, the death of my father, and relocating to a new job and new place to live.

    Although my circumstances are different (from reading the rest of your post), this part actually describes my life!

    I didn't feel inspired by this week's topic, but I've enjoyed reading them. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I loved reading about your two faithful companions! That last paragraph put a big lump in my throat. So sad to lose both your dad and Nikki in such a short space of time.
    I had a beloved Welsh Corgi named Niki before I was married, and quite a few years ago we had a little Beagle named Lucy here on the farm.
    Thanks for sharing these sweet memories.


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