Snow in April?

I left home yesterday morning while snow was still hanging on the tree branches from yet another snowfall. As I gazed at the stark tree branches I did try to imagine the trees covered with spring buds in three months. As I adjusted my hat and put on my gloves I looked longingly at the garden gloves sitting close by on the shelf.

My principal and I traveled south to Spokane after school for a state education conference. As a passenger I witnessed cars in the ditch, cars sliding from lane to lane, and making 180 turns. I felt safe in VE's Jeep and I didn't care that she was only driving 40 mph. We arrived to the Snowy City safe.
After attempting to walk around the convention center it was easier to understand why the schools were closed down in this city.The sidewalks were either buried or covered with ice. As the shuttle bus driver negotiated the hill at our hotel he announced over his shoulder that he heard we were going to have snow until April. Snow in April?
Perhaps I should get used to the bare branches on the shrubs around my house... or imagine blossoms on the flowering plum with a dusting of snow.


  1. People around here are so afraid to drive in snow. Not me, coming from the north. We have very sketchy winters, with springlike weeks thrown in and often snow in April.

  2. We've had snow in April here in Michigan many times! It's very disheartening -especially when it comes on Easter Sunday :)

  3. snow snow snow, I always love snow.

  4. The latest I remember snow here in New England is MAY!!! The year I graduated from college, it snowed just before that weekend. It was shockingly beautiful, but ruined all the flowers...the lilacs, the tulips and all...

    Glad you were safe in all your travels...

  5. I remember snow for Cinco de Mayo in Spokane when I was in college. It was a little much to take for this California girl. I've now lived twic as long in Washington as I did in California, so I guess I'm seasoned.

    I specifically remember a few years ago when we had snow from October to March. Got a little old after a while. I wrote a poem--I wonder where it is.

  6. My mother was born in June --- and it snowed on that day. Isn't snow interesting? I heard that Snow City was very snowed in this week. That fact even made our local newspaper. Our closest ski resort got 30" in one day this week --- the snow pack is now around 8' in the mountains to the east. I guess we got our winter weather this year! Our weather is warming and the snow is mostly melted today. The ground is soggy and the breeze seems very cold and damp. I long for sunshine!


  7. la tea dah must be close to me. I read today that the mountains had 155 inches of snow above us. 50 inches falling since monday.

    I hope it stays cool until April so that nice snow pack will keep us in water all summer.


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