Gathering Around the TV: Inland Empire Team Day

I am not an obsessed sports fan. I do like to keep up with the Seattle Seahawks because they are our state's NFL team and it helps me bond with my middle school students on Monday mornings. If I can though I watch my two favorite Inland Empire teams: The Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Washington State Cougars. My love for the Zags goes back to childhood when my grandmother lived close the Gonzaga University in Spokane, plus Dad was a fan and used to stop at Jack and Dan's bar on Nevada. It was run by former Zag /Utah Jazz/Olympic Team member John Stockton's dad. I think the whole Bing Crosby connection at GU was part of it also. I am an alumni of WSU plus they are just a fun team to watch and it is exciting to see them ranked #4 in the nation.

Today was The Saturday of Inland Empire Sports Viewing. First the Seahawks played in the afternoon, beating the Redskins 35-14. Next Gonzaga played Georgia at the Spokane Arena, beating them 75-67. At seven o'clock the cross state rivals Washington State and University of Washington began their game. At this point it is too close to call. I'm relieved I can multitask while games are on or we may have gone hungry and this blog may not have been posted today!

Go Cougs... Kyle Weaver just scored... oh yeah... back to publishing the post!
later update: The Cougars just won 56-52. Three for three...not a bad day around the TV!


  1. great post! I didn't know the Gonzaga guys were called Zags.. that's cool.

  2. Go Seattle.Have a good week.

  3. I follow Gonzaga from clear across the country. It is amazing that such a small school can compete with the big boys.

  4. Not bad at all! I totally identify with following a sport so you can "in" with your kids. That's why I learned football...and why I listen to the sports reports in the morning...


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