Fortunately, Unfortunately: Back to School

Winter break is over and it was back to school today.

Fortunately the roads weren't too bad when I headed down the lake.
Unfortunately lots of deer and turkeys made travel a bit dicey.

Fortunately I arrived at school a bit early so I could reacclimate myself.
Unfortunately I fell on the ice rink parking lot and had to use the bumper of a truck to pull myself up.

Fortunately my teaching partner didn't have his digital camera with him as he helped me.
Unfortunately I had a sore elbow, knees, and lower back. ( I am better tonight!)

Fortunately all the children arrived to school safe, but some very late.
Unfortunately two buses slid off the road and had to be rescued.

Fortunately my students WANTED to go to the library and get new books because they had finished reading books over break.
Unfortunately the students that arrived on the late buses missed a trip to the library.

Fortunately students picked up where they left off before break writing news stories.
Unfortunately their teacher (me) couldn't seem to remember all the five W's and H in a news story.

Fortunately everyone made it through our first day back to school in good shape.
Unfortunately the turkeys and deer were still waiting to run across the road when I drove home.

-inspired by the book Fortunately by Remy Charlip


  1. I hate slipping on the snow. I've had a couple close calls, but nothing too drastic yet. We all survived our first day back at school, too.

  2. What a day--sorry I laughed! Ice is not our friend. Hope you're better today.

  3. But why did the turkeys and the deer cross the road?

  4. Yikes! (I'm envious of your Monday start. We had to go back last week.)

    (Also, I love your Morrie Schwartz quote. One of my favorite books to teach seniors is "Tuesdays with Morrie." It's a powerful book...

  5. What a day! I hope you are feeling better after your fall.

    It took me a second, but I finally remembered the 5 W's and the H. The youngest is taking Technical Writing this quarter. This is his 4th writing class (only one is required for his degree, but he enjoys writing). I'm enjoying poking my nose into his assignments and am feeling inspired to take one myself.

    Enjoy the long haul from now until spring break.


  6. fortunately I found a moment this morning to read blogs .

    Unfortunately, I have to leave soon for work.

  7. A series of unfortunate..and :)
    So sorry you fell. Ice is treacherous. My hubby fell twice in the driveway last week. Glad you're better.
    Clever writing :)

  8. Thanks all of you for your comments. I am a bit better and the snow has melted in the parking lot.
    Go Figure: They crossed the road to get me to slam on my brakes!!!


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