Everything is Equal in The Snow

"Everything is equal in the snow: all trees, all lawns, all streets, all rooftops, all cars.
Everything is white, white, white, as far as you can see.
Covered by snow, the well-kept and neglected lawns look the same.
The snow hides the shiny newness of a just-bought car as effectively
as it does the rust and dents of a ten-year-old one.
Everything looks clean and fresh and unmarred by time or use.
Snow, like the silent death it counterfeits, is a great leveler. "
-Adrienne Ivey


  1. What a beautiful winter collage. It's funny but I was thinking about your blog while debating about an appointment tomorrow morning. Tonight and tomorrow, we are supposed to get our first wintry mix of the season (snow, sleet, freezing rain) but it will change over to rain later in the day. I don't like to drive in ice although I'm ok with snow. I thought here I was concerned about a 45 minute drive in an winter mix that may not happen and the Inland Empire Girl heads off to teach in tons of it every day. Funny how the blogging world puts some issues into perspective. I do like snow and it's usually a lark on the rare occasions when we get significant snow, but we're more likely to have ice storms than snow.

  2. I can't seem to get enough of the snow photos.Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Terrific pictures! And the thought is so perfect with them--the light-reflecting snow glosses everything over the same way. Lovely!

  4. I miss Canada! boo hoo. These pictures remind me so much of where I used to live. An utterly beautiful and breathtaking part of the world (sigh). I am going to have to come back and visit often for my fix.

  5. You have been tagged.


  6. These photos are amazing.
    You made my day :)


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