Tuesday Ten : Things I Love in December

1. Holiday music. I collect holiday music and have a collection that ranges from Bing Crosby crooning White Christmas to Amy Grant singing My Grown-Up Christmas List.

2. Snow. I love the way snow muffles sounds, covers up ugliness, and creates a bright, white landscape.

3. Candy Canes. The traditional red and white peppermint candy canes are a perfect snack, hot cocoa stirrer, or dessert during the holiday season.
4. Snowmen. I collect snowmen because they are so cheerful. I needed something to keep things bright during the dark winter months. Snowmen filled the bill.

5. Voices of children. I love it when our students sing at the annual Christmas program. I enjoy hearing children caroling or singing a song in church.

6. Charlie Brown Christmas. I could watch that show ten times and never get tired of the soundtrack and timeless message.

7. Bowls with colored balls. I think a simple bowl with bright shiny balls can brighten up any table or shelf.
8. A fire in the evening. Whether it is time to rest, listen to Christmas music, or bake, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a fire in the stove or fireplace.

9. My first December with a digital camera. Enough said!

10. Candles burning. I love the way candlelight dances on the walls in a dimly lit room in the evening.


  1. Pssst....(first photo)it is back. You best report it.

  2. #11. YOUR LIST!!!

  3. Go figure... I better quit taking pictures of that thing!
    Thanks Pamela!


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