Ten Mile Road Trip: The Center of the Universe

Go Figure: This is for you!
A few nights ago Silver Valley Girl and I took a trip to the other end of Shoshone County to Wallace, Idaho. She wanted to try out her new rig and we wanted to check out the Center of the Universe. Growing up Wallace seemed like a journey from Kellogg. We went there to the dentist, to visit the courthouse, or to do shopping. It is really only about eleven miles.The Wallace Miners were our rivals in sports and I attended many basketball games in their gym as the Miners and Wildcats kept the rivalry alive.

"On September 25, 2004 Wallace's Mayor Ron Garitone proclaimed Wallace to be the center of the Universe. Specifically, a sewer access cover was declared to be the precise location of the center of the Universe. A specially made manhole cover was made to mark the spot. It bears the words "Center of the Universe. Wallace, Idaho." This prompted British comedian and writer Danny Wallace to visit Wallace. He wrote about his visit in the book Danny Wallace and the Centre of the Universe, published in 2006." Wikipedia

When we traveled to Wallace it was snowing hard. This is a picture of a street downtown. The people of Wallace have worked hard at preserving their historic town. Every building in downtown is registered with the National Registry of Historical Places. Returning to Wallace I feel like I am frozen in time.
Tabors Store had a lovely Christmas window display.
The houses were decorated beautifully for the holidays. This was a favorite we caught on film. We then toured King St. and started to head up Placer Creek, but decided the snow was falling just a bit too fast to keep going.Taking the old highway home to Kellogg we caught this holiday light display in Osburn. It was worth one more picture. Making the journey to the other end of Shoshone County was enjoyable. I spent time laughing and enjoying music with my sister, we got to test her new rig in snow and on hills, and we got to stand at the Center of the Universe. It doesn't get better than that!


  1. "I spent time laughing and enjoying music with my sister . . ."

    Love it :)

  2. IEG, Wow! Incredible photos once again. I use to live up at the very end of King Street, so I know what that road is like when it is snowing hard. It was a wise decision to turn around. Some of the most magical times during the younger days were while I was walking home after an 'away' sporting event, at about 1 to 2 in the morning through the falling snow. Truly a winter paradise. Thank you for sharing the pictures, and I am very glad that you and SVG had a good time.

  3. Anonymous31.12.07

    oh, gee, makes me wistful.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I had no idea that was the centre of the universe!
    Looks like you had a great time!

  5. The pictures turned out great. I love the one of the house in Wallace...it captured the beauty of the house perfectly. Such a fun time in the Center of the Universe!!

  6. I'm going to put "the center of the universe" on my list of to do's this year.

  7. Shelby: It was a fun night!
    Go Figure: It was beautiful and I can picture it those late nights after games because it hasn't changed that much. Were you an original King Street Hitter? The picture to the right of the tree covered with snow was in a yard in Silverton.
    ordinary janet: it was lovely.
    Yes Jen I always learn something new on road trips with my sister.
    Thanks SVG... I was glad the pictures turned out with the snow and the dark.
    Pamela: You would love it in "The Silver Valley" both Kellogg and Wallace are great to visit.

  8. I think I wanna go to the 'centre of the universe' :) - lovely pics


  9. Marmite: We loved visiting at night. Starr is the one that always refers to his hometown as the Center of the Universe... so we wanted to take pictures. Fun night.


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