Sunday Ten Mile Road Trip: Light and Shadows on the Lake Ellen Loop

About ten miles from our house is a small mountain lake with a higher elevation than our place. We drove up to Lake Ellen on Sunday to see if ice and snow remained there. It was snowing lightly as we drove west, but soon we discovered there was more snow and the lake was frozen over. It was quiet on the road and the only other people we saw were two ice skaters and their dog on the frozen corner of the lake.
In the December afternoon light the landscape was filled with mixed shades of gray. It was very peaceful and beautiful. Looking out over the frozen lake from the east end we could see snow clouds above the trees and mountains. We continued up to the dogs' favorite pond that was indeed completely frozen over. It was hard work for Annie to tear around today, but she loved the snow and the new smells.At our turnaround further up the road Shelby tried to catch a scent of something she could herd up before we had to head home.
After making the loop we headed back again along the lake shore toward home.

Back to a lower elevation the long, narrow road led us up a hill then back down toward Lake Roosevelt. The snow and ice were behind us , but the images remained.

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