Winter Transformations

Sunday our skies were filled with big, wet snowflakes. They piled up to create about a foot of snow around the yard by early afternoon. The bird bath turned into an igloo. The outdoor table on the deck wore a winter hat.The copper torch now wore a white cap. Lily and McDuff stayed out on the ladder to brave the blizzard. Lily was a bit camera shy so she left McDuff for a warmer, dryer spot.

Kit tried to join the "big kids", but he was quickly ready to come back inside.

By early evening it warmed up, rain began to fall, and the snow disappeared as soon as it had fallen. Today the yard was again transformed. This time it became a lake of melting snow and slush.


  1. Pssst...thats no igloo. Thats a classic winter camo flying saucer disguise.

  2. Love the pictures. . .realized I hadn't checked your blog since October??? I can't believe it's nearly Christmastime! Your pics are so homey and snowy. I miss a real winter. We have had a bit of snow, but it all melts off, so it seems like September here!

  3. Go figure: Darn... I can't keep anything a secret!
    Welcome back PIMD. I have wondered how things were going.Miss your blog.


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