Silver Valley Snowfall

When I awoke this morning I was greeted by a new blanket of snow in Kellogg. It fell most of the day creating a peaceful setting at Silver Valley Girl's house as we had some time of quiet after the festivities the last few days. I did get a bit of exercise as I walked out and captured some photo images of the beautiful day. .This is the tree she features on her blog as it changes from season to season.

Here is the family "snowdog" Peaches. She just seemed to belong in this winter scene.
Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus were protected from the snow under the eaves.

Once back inside I caught some favorite ornaments decorating the tree.


  1. Does yee notice any resemblance of the first photo to anything at your home? I think yee is a being followed.

  2. is Peaches a Norwegian Elkhound??

    we were supposed to get snow, but it missed us. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Thanks Go Figure: I hadn't noticed. lol.
    Hi Pamela: Peaches is a Keeshound.


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