Sibling Assignment #47: Reconciliation : The Winter Dance

Raymond Pert gave us the following assignment:

"My WR 121 class has been studying reconciliation and reading all these papers about their struggles and successes with reconciliation makes me want to write about reconciliation.So, write a post about an experience you have had with reconciliation. It might be a successful reconciliation with a person you were in conflict with. It might be reconciliation with your self you were out of sorts about. It might be about a reconciliation that has never happened and maybe never will. It might be coming to reconcile yourself with an idea that had bugged you for a long time. I think these reconciliation posts would be enhanced by each of us writing, at some point in the post, about what we understand "reconciliation" to mean and where we look in our lives for examples of reconciliation that help us measure our successes and failures at reconciliation. Have fun!"

You will find his here soon and Silver Valley Girl's is here.

Growing up in Kellogg, Idaho happy memories came with winter . I loved making snowmen, sleigh riding, coming in covered with snow,drinking hot chocolate, and riding on open air truck singing Christmas carols with the Camp Fire Girls. When I moved away from north Idaho I didn't like winter as well. Traveling to far-away places in winter created homesickness and bad road experiences . The winters in southeastern Washington were very different than those of north Idaho. I have memories of lots of cold wind, freezing rain, and did I mention wind? I don't participate in winter sports so I wasn't active during the cold months. The season of winter began to have an effect on my well-being. I struggled during the winter. I lost interest in activities I had enjoyed. I didn't have energy.

In recent years I reconciled myself to enjoy winter. Reconciliation for me is to resolve an issue that causes a struggle. How could I make the sadness season come alive with beauty and grace? I have the holidays to look forward to now that I have family living closer. My digital camera gives me opportunities to capture photo images of winter's beauty. I dress more practical so I don't get too cold and now I carry extra socks (I hate cold feet). Living in my corner of northeastern Washington has allowed me to appreciate the numerous wonders of this season. Beauty can lie in snow covered holly, a lone watering can on the rock wall, or a woodpecker resting in a pine tree.

"The Winter Dance" is the title of the video that helped me capture my reconciliation with winter. In a dance you may feel surefooted, but then the rhythm changes or you acquire a different partner. A dance can be lively and spirited or slow and dreamy. As I partnered with winter for this dance I felt I too became more surefooted. I also paid attention to the changes in rhythm, looked for the lively and spirited parts of the season, and paused to enjoy the slow and dreamy. The Winter Dance is an ongoing life process. When I need to reconcile an issue again I can think about the dance lessons of winter.

I hope you appreciate the beauty in my corner of the world in "The Winter Dance." To find other Dance posts go to Sunday Scribblings here.
( it is only a little over two minutes long... not thirteen... I need to fix that glitch!)


  1. Gorgeous! You make me wish I had a winter to reconcile with! Down here in Eugene it's all gray and sometimes rainy, but mostly just nondescript boredom in the sky.

  2. This was lovely! Thank you.

    My Scribblings are up...come visit if you can!

  3. Reconciliation worked very well for you! The photos and vid are so pleasant and uplifting to see!

  4. I'm loving what you did here. Glass half full kinda that!

  5. I did enjoy this! A lovely trip through your corner of the world. Thank you!

  6. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Just above the gazebo, just before "Winter Provides Simple Photo Images," there it is! You better contact someone in authoritah...and soon. Pretty sneaky, it is.

  7. wow...i love the snow...enjoyed your promopt in north idaho in the winter is great!

  8. I am sooo hoping for a white Christmas here. It rained very hard this morning.

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