'Oh...the weather outside is frightful... but the fire is so delightful."

I think it snowed most of the day at school. The official measurement by an eighth grade student about 2:45 was ten inches on the playground. Schools around us had sent their students home early. When I arrived home we had about eight inches in our front yard.JEJ captured this picture of the front gate and driveway earlier before we decided the fire was much more delightful.

Isabelle decided after being out for about five minutes while I was taking pictures that the top of the piano was so delightful.


  1. incredibly beautiful.
    I saw the news -- that a big snow storm was headed north of us - but it stayed 40ish here - and rained a bit... and the wind blew a bit.

    It will have to change in order for us to have a white one.

  2. Gorgeous snow shots. I hope you enjoy your time in front of the fire. Looks like a good day for it.

  3. Oh, I love that picture of your kitty! How adorable...and how content she looks!

  4. Now I know for sure that Isabelle is my cat's long-lost sister! They could be twins and it would be just like Cougar to curl up on top of the Christmas decorations.

  5. Anonymous20.12.07

    Brr! The fire sounds good to me, and we don't have snow anymore!

  6. Beautiful photos - thank you for braving the cold to bring the view to us. Hope you - and Isabelle - stay warm.


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