Moments of Quiet

Before the holiday journey
With the to-do list done I have
Some moments of quiet.
It includes a mug of coffee,
The Christmas Waltz with Karen and
Snow falling out the window.
Pausing I reflect on
my dear blogging friends.
Your posts have taught me life lessons,
showed me beauty from all over the world,
and provided tons of encouragement.
May 2008 bring new books to curl up with,
a new coffee or tea in a big, chunky mug,
fresh inspiration for Sunday Scribblings ,
photos that brings life alive,
recipes, craft ideas, laughs and tears
with connections near and far.
Merry Christmas and Peace in 2008!


  1. What a beautiful Christmas post and wishes. Wishing you a peaceful, happy Christmas and New Year, Carver

  2. It's been such fun to learn with and of you this year. I do feel as if we're kindred spirits...there are so many things you share here that I connect with. I wish you Peace and Joy in the year to come.

  3. HAPPY CRIMBO ((((Inland Empire Girl)))) fank YOU for teaching me so much this past 9 months since Ive been blobbing..... you and your whole family have brought me such joy, and such each and every post I have learn some kind of lesson or some inspiration..... fank you dearly from my little corner of the world.....

    And this post of yours is 'beautiful' be safe, be well and love those around you.... cos oh how soon it can be taken away from us.....

    much love dear blobbing friend....... Mel XOX

  4. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Roosevelt. I appreciate your kindness this week; as you know, we take people and dogs very seriously here and that's not always an easy place to be. Tonight we're grateful for hope and for memories. One year ago at this exact time we took a long walk around Rome, having just gotten up as we had been out late at midnight mass at the Vatican. Life is good; it's just not always warm and sunny. Thanks again for sweetness and for your gentle touch.

  5. It was a lovely post.

  6. Such lovely holiday thoughts...thank you for all your reflections and impressions about life. Reading your posts is indeed like gathering around your table!


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