It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

There is nothing like standing back and viewing your Christmas tree after you carefully placed the ornaments and garlands in just the right place. There is nothing like realizing you have a kitten in the house and the floor where the tree is this year is cement. In a matter of minutes our little angel Kit had knocked down three colored balls and was going for the red and white beads when I grabbed him and placed him in another part of the house.I love approaching our driveway this time of year and have the lighted snowflakes in the greenhouse windows greet me from way out at the road.A snowman is also lit up to add his own charm to the front window.

After all that hard work knocking ornaments off the tree tonight Kit decided the garlands and a few other stray decorations would make a perfect bed for a nap. I just hope he doesn't notice the garland and lights on top of the piano. That would not work as well for a nap spot.


  1. Lovely Christmas shots. I think Kit looks great amidst the garland but I can see how there would be some places it would be better if she left alone. Although I don't always comment, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your sibling assignments and posts in general. Take care, Carver

  2. Thanks Carver... it is easy to get photos of Kit for sure!


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