In the Bleak Mid-Winter : A Visit to the Greenhouse

When the weather is icy and cold and the days begin and end in darkness, it is a nice reprieve to take some pictures in the greenhouse. Our greenhouse is primarily used to keep outdoor plants going through the winter and to have a place that houseplants can survive without the drying effect of the wood stove. The ivy geraniums continue to bloom in a vivid pink.
The jade plant was too big to move out of the greenhouse so it has become a permanent fixture.

The sunlight is a welcome treat as these plants turn themselves toward the light.
Taking a picture from a ways back I can catch a whole mixture of ferns, wandering jew, geraniums, and a Christmas cactus. The fragrance from the scented geraniums makes the time spent in the greenhouse even more worthwhile.


  1. oooooooooooooooo... I want a greenhouse.

    Maybe santa will bring me one for Christmas

  2. Though it only gets below freezing a few nights of the year here, I've always secretly wanted a greenhouse. Yours looks lovely.

  3. I simply adore your greenhouse :)

  4. Oh, this is so beautiful. Thanks for welcoming us in to that lush, life-filled place. Perfect!

  5. Your greenhouse looks like such a peaceful place to be. Lovely.


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