Celebrating With Students, A Moment of Quiet, and Winter Break Begins

Today when I arrived at school there was no down time to squeeze in that last swallow of coffee or check my mail. Excited middle school students were ready for the celebration to begin.The students in our middle school have kept our hall looking festive this holiday season.
They decorated a tree that greeted us as we walked in each day in December.
Today we had a Christmas party and during the gift exchange BZ got this great stuffed sled dog. Students then stuck on Santa hats and played basketball. Don't be fooled. It was bright and sunny, but also very cold. The thermometer read 11 degrees.When the party came to an end I had a moment of quiet reflection as I shut down the room for winter break. I thought about how much fun the students had together today. I loved the giving gestures I observed as students traded gifts that were more suited. They were planning get-togethers for break time, laughing, and wishing each other " Happy Holidays".

As I headed down the deserted hall to begin my break I felt blessed. I have a profession that provides unforgettable moments each day. Today those moments were joyous.


  1. That is what I want for Christmas. A new job - with joyous moments.

  2. your classroom is so clean and organized!
    Have a Merry Christmas!


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