Thanksgiving Week Blessing: Breakfast for Dinner

After school today I had an appointment in town and had to do the last minute shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I knew that would put me home after seven o'clock so JEJ agreed to be in charge of dinner. JEJ doesn't cook dinner often, but the dishes he does are always delicious. One of his specialties is basic breakfast: tonight that included fried potatoes, bacon, and eggs over easy. When I got home he filled the house with the smell of frying bacon.

Next the potatoes began sizzling in the pan. Last the eggs were cooked. We splurged a bit more and had cinnamon bread toast. What a perfect way to end a long, hectic day- breakfast for dinner. Now I am off to my "to-do" list as I countdown to Thanksgiving dinner. Let's see... now where is that "to-do" list?


  1. I love having breakfast for dinner, and haven't done it in awhile - thanks for reminding me.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm beginning to think we must come from the same stock.
    The hubby and I still do breakfast for a dinner treat. Our kids loved it when they were growing up.


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