Sunday Scribblings: Left Then Right Going Full Circle

Today we decided to go left then right on a road trip around Lake Roosevelt. There are highways on both sides of the "big lake" as it is called in these parts. We left Kettle Falls with sandwiches and headed north. We stopped for a picnic along the shore, then headed back toward Canada. We crossed the bridge at Northport, heading south on the other side. We went full circle on this beautiful Saturday. Enjoy the photo images.

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  1. What a lovely journey! There is nothing more beautiful than the Columbia River. It has so many facets and changes all along it's route. I enjoyed my armchair trip with you today --- thank you for sharing it!


  2. Dang girl!! That was beautiful as always !!!

    I especially loved the photo of your dogs in the car while you were taking a photo.. and then the unexpected coffee shop stop.. love love love.

    I have 'started' tring to do a slide show like yours, but so far have been unsuccessful.. I will I will I will.

    Take care and happy day today :)

  3. I just love taking road trips with you!! I do believe that heaven looks like your part of the country!!

  4. I really enjoyed the light/shadow pictures a lot. Northeast Washington state has been on my mind a lot,thanks to reading "Breaking Blue". I can hardly wait to come to your neck of the woods again. I hope it's soon!

  5. So enjoyed your travels today. The video is lovely and the light/shadow photos are wonderful.

  6. What a beautiful circle, thank you.

  7. Beautiful photos.

  8. I enjoyed this trip! And I liked the music you used, too.

  9. khambagirl11.11.07

    That was just lovely! I have even been to Kettle Falls -- twice. What a beautiful area of the country. Thanks for sharing it in such an artistic way.

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you for sharing a beautiful memory.

  11. I need to convince the hubby to take me for a saturday drive.. and stay somewhere up there and drive home sunday.

    We have some friends that would drive with us. They know all the best bed & breakfasts.

    If we do that I'm going to have you meet us for coffee !!!

  12. What a wonderful circle! The scenery is beautiful in your part of the country. No wonder you love it.
    Gorgeous music too and I love that movie...of course! It makes me nostalgic for Australia. Love hearing the accents.
    Where do you get your music for the slide shows?
    We are alike in our musical tastes :)


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