Sunday Scribblings: "I Carry".

I am a teacher and I carry bags. My mom carried bags when she was a teacher. They even design bags made just for teachers ( see above). There are many days one bag in not enough! When I have books, a laptop, snacks for a celebration, water, folders of papers, and lunch one bag doesn't cut it.

Teachers collect bags when they go to conferences. If I sit down between sessions the next thing I know I've grabbed the bag of a stranger. We had the same free samples inside ours and the black nylon bags were identical. I went through a briefcase phase. It just couldn't hold the necessities for a science experiment, art project, and a potluck. I also went through the backpack stage. That lasted until I figured out why my back hurt all the time. I have a teacher friend that pulls a carry-on suitcase into class at the university.
Right now this sturdy, unfashionable L.L Bean canvas bag works for me. It holds a calendar, Tic Tacs, hand sanitizer, kleenex, glasses, pens, sticky notes, folders of papers, a lunch, a calculator,Ibuprofen, water, a thermos, an Allen Wrench, a couple of paperbacks, an apple, a wallet, a couple of CDs and "to-do" lists. The bottom is covered with paper clips and change and the inside pocket holds earphones and a thumb drive. Bags are the only way I can be sure I am prepared for a day at school. I am into practicality, not trends or expensive name brands. Don't even ask me what it looks like when we go on a field trip! The bus driver asks if I need to use the cargo area.

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  1. Love the post! You are SO right! Teacher's love bags! Athough I've been out of the classroom for awhile, I still carry bags. I keep one packed and ready to go for embroidery, one for my laptop, another for my necessities (baby wipes, hand sanitizer, a hairbrush, Advil and Benadril, notepad, pens and pencils, etc. And then, of course, my purse! At least I'm always prepared! LOL!

  2. And don't forget the little bits of paper (from notebooks) that gather in the bottom too! My LLBean bag is well worn. I've carried so much in that thing that my right bicep is much more devleoped than my left =)

  3. Horray! Two more bag ladies... and you are right Rondi... the little bits of paper are always in the bag, on the floor and everywhere else. I'm a leftie so I better measure my biceps.

  4. Not a teacher, but still can't be without bags. My eye always wanders to them in airports, stores, etc. I loved that your bus driver sees you coming!
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. I must correct you-LL Bean bags are sooooooo fashionable. They are all the rage in their home state here and so practical!
    Love your take on the prompt.

  6. I am not a teacher, but I too carry bags. Under my eyes mostly. Your posts are always very colorful.


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