Strange Sitings On Recent Road Trips

I often share the beauty of nature on my posts after a road trip. There have also been strange things I have encountered on road trips, especially in signs. I have posted a few of these before. Here are some examples.

When I traveled in Idaho in August to see the Idaho State Champion Western White Pine that I had remembered as a child I learned it died, then was cut. Some of the remains are close to the sign.

During our recent trip driving along the Kettle River as we were heading to Pierre Lake we encountered buffalo. I believe this is the closest I have ever been to buffalo in my life. They were in a pasture along the road.

As we left Pierre Lake I could tell this person was working hard at communicating his/her ideas to all of us. What part of No don't you understand here?

On this same road another landowner was trying to be safe. As a teacher I wanted to help proofread or check on what huning meant.

My favorite espresso stand in Chewelah always keeps us guessing on what we will find on the reader board.
Even though we never get tired of the natural beauty of the inland empire, these examples add humor and surprise to our road trips.


  1. I LOVE signs to lol some are way funny.... I think you have more over there thou...

    When we was in Wisconstance a couple of years ago, we was driving along a country lane and had to stop cos in amongst a field of ponies was 2 buffalos LOL.... they was only baby ones though and not a wigwam or red indian or cowboy in site, I had never seen a real buffalo before..... ugly but oh so beautiful animals.....


  2. ya know I love signs.. :)

  3. 1,2,5 great photos. 3,4, not so good signs, but often a necessity. Kind of reminded me of the old song "Signs" by The Five Man Electric Band.

  4. Hi Marmite: Buffalo are a bit surprising.
    Shelby: Yes, I know you do!
    seenthatbefore: I think I know the song "Signs" but I may have to check it out!

  5. I like offbeat stuff like that! That misspelled sign is something else-how can you misspell "hunting"?


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