Sibling Assignment #45: Being Thankful

Our sibling assignment this week was given by Silver Valley Girl. In the spirit of Thanksgiving we were to create a video focusing on what we are thankful for. You will find a heartwarming creation about her family Silver Valley Girl produced while staying at my house here. Raymond Pert's will be here.

I loved the assignment. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on all my blessings. It was a much better way to spend my day than lining up at stores for Door Busters at sunrise.


  1. fffffffffaaaaaaaaaaantastic. :)

  2. Ive just had tears over at your sisters blob and her lovely video and now I have tears over here - such a gorgeous beautiful family you all are - cant wait for MrPert to put his video up...... I'll have the tissues ready for that one.......


  3. Thansk Shelby.
    Hi Marmite! Wasn't Silver Valley Girl's awesome? It was worth it also to watch her family members' reactions. We are waiting for Mr. Pert's.


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