Sadness Surrounds Us

The hallway that leads to my classroom was quieter and more somber this morning. We got the news that my student B's mother had died last evening. She had been in a coma since spring. There were tears, discussion about what we could do to help B, and long, quiet pauses. The class he is in created a large card for his whole family today. They made a collage of photos from the album we have created in the classroom. They also found pictures that would make him smile. They remembered funny stories about B. The healing slowly began.


  1. this picture... fits your entry exactly. my heart goes out to the student and all of you who are sharing the pain.

  2. Oh, that's so sad. But the doing something and the sharing, that does begin the healing.

  3. oh, that's sad, and right around the holidays too. I feel for him.

  4. Thanks to you for doing such a great job with the kids. I know it is tough.

  5. Kristen: Thanks so much for your kind words. Things seemed better after I went to the services today. I think eveyone needed closure.
    Rondi: Thanks... I think it helped.
    Janet: I feel for him also. I could tell today though that he had a good support system.
    Go figure: thanks... I want to be there for my students.. even when it is tough.


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