A Peaceful Then Busy Thanksgiving Morning

The sunrise this morning was a peaceful way to begin the day as JEJ and I got up early to build the fires, make coffee, and heat water for tea. The color of the sky changed over the lake as the sun began to rise above the fog and clouds. The sun didn't warm up the below freezing temperatures. The pace began to pick up as soon as Mom Mary got out the Betty Crocker cookbook and began preparing pie crusts. As most of you remember pie crusts are not my expertise so I rely on Silver Valley Girl and Mom to prepare the pie crusts. See how Mom makes it look so easy as she cuts the pie dough? Silver Valley Girl adds a special touch to the loganberry pie by cutting out cute turkeys for the top crust. The best part of the pie preparation is the extra dough. As long as I can remember Mom made special pie crust cinnamon rolls with the extra dough that we got as a treat.I got that special childhood treat today to fortify me for continued preparations!


  1. Those little cinnamon rolls are a favorite of mine and SB -- unfortunately, I managed to (ahem) overcook them this year. Kudos to your mom for such a great looking batch!

  2. Yum! My mom always makes those, too! I hope to have some in a couple of days...

    Glad you had a tasty family Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy thanksgiving!

  4. Your 'Mom Mary' has a wonderful smile that I don't think that you have captured on your blog before. Great photos, as always!

  5. Marcy:
    I am amazed how many other people create this little treat. Ours were almost gone before I got the picture taken !
    Thanks Rondi... again.. another mother that made these treats!
    Thanks Donetta!
    Seenthatbefore: Mom loved the comment. I just don't take enough picutures of her. I am glad I captured these.

  6. awwww... my mom did the pie crust cin. rolls with us as kids, and I did that with my girls, too.


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