The Original Perfect Post Award

The Original Perfect Post Awards - Oct
I want to thank Pamela at The Dust Will Wait for selecting a post of mine for The Original Perfect Post Award for October. She selected one entitled Do I Enjoy Rain? from October 21st which you can preview here. My siblings and I do an assignment each week and this was one my brother had assigned. It was a favorite of mine because I tried to combine music and photos that I liked into a video slide show. I am glad Pamela enjoyed it also. Please visit Pamela's blog. She is another eastern Washington blogger that uses photos and original writing to tell the stories of her life. I always know when I don't want to do housework on a Saturday that "the dust will wait" thanks to Pamela. You can see other Perfect Posts at


  1. I'm not surprised, that was one terrific post! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations. Yes, your rain video was great....I loved your choice of music.


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