November Garden Tour: Surprises in the Daylight

I love Saturdays in November because I can actually see the gardens. I only catch glimpses during the week, but darkness surrounds the gardens more frequently.
Today I discovered a few things in my gardens. I hadn't realized the oak leaf hydrangeas were so beautiful . This is the first year the leaves have changed in such a lovely way.I also hadn't realized some trees were completely bare of leaves.But I know where the leaves are now.

The surprise of the day was the Olympiad rose which is still blooming and providing a picturesque photo image on this day in November. I can't believe the frost, rain, and wind didn't do it in!


  1. Beautiful photos - your garden looks lovely in the autumn. I don't believe I've never seen an oak leaf hydrangea before - I know I've certainly never seen one change to such pretty autumn colors. The rose is lovely, too.

  2. That should have read "ever" not "never" - oh, now it really sounds like a double negative - I'll stop now, before I compound my errors any further - or do I mean farther? I always get those two confused, lol.


  3. wow did it rain here today.
    if there was any leaves left - they are down now.

    I'm hearing there is snow headed your way.

  4. oooh love the unexpected rose..

  5. Those are all beautiful photographs. I love the way roses can often hang on well into cold weather. One of my favorite photographs that I took many years ago was of a perfect rose in the snow. It snowed early for where I live and the roses were in full bloom. They amazingly hung on a little while even though they were covered in snow.

  6. tinker: The oak leaf has a whole differnt flower also. I think I may do a post on it in early spring.
    Pamela: It sure feels like snow here!
    Shelby: Now I can't decide... do I pick it or leave it!
    Carver: Your rose in the snow sounds beautiful.

  7. thanks for the tour of your garden!

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