Images of Late Autumn Snow

Before I left for school today I tried to catch a photo or two since it is often too dark when I return home. We didn't get the big snow that was predicted last night, but there was enough to add beauty to the trees.
The covered basketball courts by my classroom waited in stark silence this morning for the hustle and bustle of middle school students as they began to arrive at school. They often shoot a few hoops not minding the below freezing temperatures or the blanket of snow.A group of girls just walked around quietly at break time making distinct trails in the snow. When they headed in to get warm and begin class the footsteps remained intact. With the cold weather that is predicted the footprints may remain for a few more days.


  1. I love how the first substantial snowfall of the season muffles outdoor sounds. Perhaps that was how the world sounded years ago before interstates and airplanes and industries!!

  2. Oh I love the footprints in the snow photo..

  3. Oh my you have well proper snow :) I LOVE snow, probably cos we rarely get it down here in southern england......

    I have much of your blob to catch up one seeing as I aint been around for almost a week...... so tomorrow with a cuppa tea I will sit and scroll back and enjoy this wonderful place.......


  4. It's almost as though I can feel the cool hush just looking at these photos. Beautiful.

  5. As usual the photos are great. I especially like the one you have at the top showing your table display.

  6. Thanks eveyone for the comments. I think snow can create that quiet, hushed atmosphere. With what was going on with my students this week, I think the quiet was appreciated.


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