Friday Fourteen: Things You May Not Know About Inland Empre Girl

1. I love to have conversations with my dogs where I insert their dialogue with different voices and inflection.
2. I have never cooked my own Thanksgiving turkey. As long as I go to Mom's.... she does it or when it has been at my house she is here to help or I have had something else. 3. My favorite thing to prepare in the kitchen is desserts. I find pleasure in creating homey desserts that have been served by my grandmothers, my mom, or other significant people in my life.
4. I can't look along the side of the road if I sense there might be a dead animal. It just shakes me up too much.
5. I love to watch and follow college basketball.... especially the Gonzaga Bulldogs, The Washington State Cougars, and the Idaho Vandals.
6. I am not attached to my cell phone. JEJ and I have cell phones, but they are never on and we only use them for emergencies. We don't even know how to set it up a way to get messages.
7. I just bought my first DVD player.
8. A favorite pleasure in life is coming home to find the porch light on and a fire in the stove.
9. If I had a choice of shopping for shoes or office supplies I would always choose office supplies. How can you resist colored paper clips, Liquid Expresso pens, or M&M colored sticky notes?

10. I would rather do road trips around the Pacific Northwest than take exotic vacations to other countries.
11. I hate the smell of skunk, especially the odor that is lingering around my house right now.
12. If I could only read two types of books I would pick memoir and books about the craft of writing hands down.
13. I don't know much about fancy photography, but love to find good shots and take my chances.
14. I am filled with a feeling of peace any time I sit in a church.


  1. Your comment about office supplies made me squeal in delight -- the girls that I work with know how much I enjoy Staples (I can spend an afternoon with a cup of coffee in that store in the same way other people can hang out at Barnes & Noble) and one year I was given a gift card for my birthday. I would pretty much rather spend time there than any other store.

  2. I like this list very much. I would rather visit around the Pacific NW too, more than any other place. Any other place. I so get that.

  3. I tagged you with a meme, details on my blog. It's almost the same as what you've written
    I always enjoy your pictures so much, what kind of camera do you have?

  4. I can say "me too" about nearly everything on your list! I'd love to meet you in person one day. Maybe after the holidays?

  5. I like this list, I used to have conversations like that with my rabbit, as for cell phones, never even had one let alone worked out how to use one! I love holidays in the Scottish Highlands and Islands rather than going abroad.

  6. Very interesting list! I definitely agree with you on #9, and I'm occasionally guilty of #1 too. :-)

  7. Loved getting to know you better. I'm with you about baking, coming home to the porch light on, peace, (your) photography and (your)
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I too would rather do road trips here in the Northwest and West than anywhere on earth.I just wish other people could see the beauty that exists here.


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