Friday Fourteen: More Things You May Not Know About InlandEmpireGirl!

1. Even though I make certain dishes over and over again, I always get out the recipe. I never make anything by memory.

2. I am easily moved to tears. At parent/student conferences yesterday I witnessed numerous students shedding tears with their parents while reading tributes they had written to them. I handed out kleenex and welled up with tears also.

3. I love to make lists. I write out to-do lists, grocery lists, lists of things I need to remember, and lists of books I want to read. I also love the lists on colored paper.

4. I struggle with any task that involves various wires, cables, and hooking them up to make something work.

5. I have no talent for quilting, needlepoint, or knitting , but I yearn to do all three.

6. I never go through a day without spilling something on me. I quit wearing white years ago.

7. This time of the year when all the leaves have fallen and the plants have died I try to look at my gardens with new eyes. I once read you should study " the bones" of your garden this time of year identifying foundational plants and gaps in the landscaping.

8. Even though I can access the newspaper online and get keep up with current events on news sites, I love the print copy of the paper and read it cover to cover each day.

9. I have to read in bed before I fall asleep every night. I can't just turn off the light and doze off.

10. I don't wear much jewelry and what I wear is inexpensive and practical. I have always been afraid if I had anything very expensive I would probably lose it!

11. I wait eagerly for certain items that can only be found during the holidays: eggnog, Millstone Jingle Java coffee beans, and Tillamook Peppermint Candy ice cream.

12. I love waterfalls, especially ones that are hidden on a hiking trail.

13. I always have a hard time picking out paint colors. I bring home all those strips of color samples and stew over them for days. I have even chosen a color because I liked the name!

14. I cannot use digital clocks in my bedroom. I suffered years of insomnia and those clocks with the numbers dropping each minute put me over the edge!


  1. We are so much alike! This could practically be my list! I don't even use a digital clock by my bed! But I do wear white, 'cause I can bleach it. Unfortunately I also bleach jeans, sweatshirts, and T-shirts that are supposed to be dark in color! Sigh!


  2. I'm very much like you too.. I'm a big spiller of things on me. My family teases me about it all the time.

  3. I like this list of interesting new things to learn about you.
    I like to make lists too and I love waterfalls. They're wonderful!
    Your white kitty is gorgeous. Sounds like he fits right in.
    I love the photos. The look on Annie's face is priceless..."What's this pesky cat trying to do?" :)

  4. It is heartwarming to learn we all share fine qualities!!


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