Cycles of Teaching: End of the Quarter

Every profession has times of the year that are busier and crazier than others. For people (and parents) in the education field our year runs on a cycle of quarters. I am at the end of the first quarter which meant grading exams and figuring grades today. Another quarter has started and we prepare this week for parent conferences. With no school today it provided me an extra day to do final work for the quarter.I procrastinated a bit this morning, but then decided I needed to first be comfortable. With the rain pouring outside we build a fire and I sat in the recliner to work. It worked for awhile, but I was almost TOO comfortable!When I got about halfway done I treated myself to a bit of chocolate and coffee, then moved to the table to do grades.
I had a buddy named Kit that kept me company all day. Here he is hiding behind the chair either resting or just keeping an eye on me to make sure I stayed focused! I can now go to bed relieved that I am caught up and ready to tackle another week and quarter. What a good feeling.


  1. Your Buddy looks so precious there..

  2. Ah, I remember those days! Now that my teaching load is cut in half, I am able to keep up better. I miss the teaching, I don't miss the grading =)

  3. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I made your Autumn Skillet Supper last night & my husband & I loved it!!! I took the leftovers to work today, shared with two co workers, and they loved it!!! I gave you ALL the credit. Thanks for sharing. Yummy!!!

    Also, love the picture of Kit--being the cat person I am, I would love any picture!! But Kit looks pretty intent on relaxing!

    Thanks again--


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