Sunday Scribblings:Gifts at the Hospital: Pork Chops, Shaggy Dog, and A Gift from the Sea

The word this week for Sunday Scribblings is hospital. It reminded me of December of 1977 when I had a time of sickness and surgery, but my strongest memory now of that time is the gifts I received.
When I fell ill that first year of teaching I was thankful I was back teaching in my hometown close to my parents. The doctor discovered I had cysts on both my ovaries which meant the removal of my tubes and ovaries. When I was laying in a hospital bed at twenty-two years old I realized two things. I would not be able to conceive children and I had begun menopause. I experienced my first hot flashes and let's just say I didn't handle these changes well. Back then you stayed in the hospital longer than nowadays. Mom's cure for my post-operation blues was to bring me a homemade pork chop dinner from her kitchen. I know hers wouldn't have had the fancy parsley, but when the foil came off one of the dinner plates from home and the aroma of Mom's fried pork chops and gravy rose up from the Corella plate, I found a cure for my blues.My dad was not usually demonstrative in his feelings and female "stuff" and hospitals were not in his comfort zone. The time around my surgery was hard enough, but a family friend had been killed in a car accident that week also. Dad went to be a pall bearer in the funeral while I was waking up from surgery. Later he arrived at the hospital with a huge shaggy stuffed dog which he places right on my bed. That was a gift that touched my heart. After being in the hospital a few days a guy I had only met a few times stopped by to say hello. JB was serving on the school board and I had talked to him on the phone about school related issues. He brought me his copy of Gift From the Sea. I still have this book with his book plate signed inside. I remember how much that book spoke to me at that time in my life and still does. Later after he was elected State Senator he was killed in a helicopter crash while logging. I have always cherished his copy of this book.

That stay in the hospital was life-changing for me. I felt blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, a fine hospital staff and to receive three special gifts: a meal from home, a stuffed dog, and a book of wisdom.

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  1. Oh, my. Those are three amazing gifts. I don't know which touches me most, but I must say that a guy who owns a copy of Gifts from the Sea has to be a rare one. So sad he was killed...

  2. What a traumatic experience for you! I'm so glad you had people in your life to help you get through it.

    Gift from the Sea is an amazing book ~my copy is threadbare :)
    Have you ever read Anne Lindbergh's diaries? I've enjoyed them very much as well.

  3. Great post. Those sound like really good gifts. My post is now up.

  4. Amazing story of gratitude. Special things sometimes happen when all else is mis-firing. Nice post!

  5. You've been through a season that changed your future.

    I'm proud to know you - you've been an overcomer.

  6. I always enjoy your writing so much and this story of a difficult time is beautifully done. What precious and caring gifts from your parents and JB. So sad that he was killed.
    A M Lindbergh's books are treasures. She had a wonderful gift for words and expression.
    Glad you have some sweet memories of a very traumatic time.

  7. It's amazing how things like hospital stays can create positive memories as well. It's beautiful that you saved that book.

  8. Rondi: I never thought about it, but it was great that a guy had that book.
    Becca: I have not read her diaries... thanks for the recommendation.
    Welcome Joseph and thanks.
    Tumblewords: Now that there is time and space between I can reflect on the significant gifts.
    Pamela: I guess I am... I just did it!
    Kerri: Thanks for your kind words. It was good to reflect on this time in my life and look at from a positive slant.
    Welcome Laura!

  9. Your writing is lovely about such a sad time but the gifts you received touched my heart deeply as I read about each one. You are an amazing woman.

  10. I love AML. Her diaries and letters are amazing. I've read all of them several times over. She has a way of putting things that gets into my head until I start writing like she does. It's a weird, but interesting feeling...


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