Sibling Assignment #41: Do I Enjoy Rain?

Inspired by a rainstorm in Eugene this week Raymond Pert gave us this Sibling Assignment: "Do You Like or Enjoy Rain?" My answer is YES! Here is the video I put together to illustrate why I do enjoy the rain. How about you? What do you enjoy about the rain? You will find my siblings' assignments here and here soon.


  1. This must have taken a long time to put together. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and music is very fitting. I love that song.
    The pets looked all so content. The greyish cat with the darker spots is a spitten image of my Jackie. My cat's a little thinner. She's still young, maybe she'll fatten up. Yours look so cuddly!
    It's raining here at the moment and I think I'll curl up with a good book!

  2. I like the rain for the sake of the rivers and gardens. Otherwise I'm not too fond of it. I love the fall once I get used to the sadness of summer being over.

    Nice collection!

  3. Loved it! Your home looks so cozy with the fire and the animals and the comfort food! Maybe you should have a retreat there. I'd come!

  4. I absolutely out of this world loved your presentation.

    HOW, tell me HOW, did you do it????

  5. Thanks to all of you for the comments.
    pamela: I use Windows movie maker... if I could figure it out- trust me- anybody could. It is actually fun to play around with.

  6. Well, I loved your presentation too..but I love the way Pamela said it :) So where do you find Windows Movie Maker? It's neat!
    You did a wonderful job.
    I love to hear rain on the roof while I snuggle in bed, or curl up in an armchair with a good book. And I particularly love rain when the garden needs it.
    All your pictures and accompanying essay are wonderful!
    Enjoyed reading your other recent posts too. Homemade grape jelly is delicious, and I love seeing grapevines growing...they're so decorative!

  7. I just have to add that I loved the music too.
    Oh, and I just found that I have WMP on my computer. Ha! I don't look at the start menu much I guess :)
    I'll have to try that out when I have some spare time to play. Thank you for teaching me something new today :)
    We had rain yesterday and it (and the wind) knocked a good share of the colorful leaves off the trees :(

  8. I give you an A+ for that assignment! I enjoyed it.

  9. Anonymous27.10.07

    Your video is AWESOME!! I am SOOO impressed and grateful that you are my friend!

  10. Will you please email me

    I nominated you for the October Perfect Post Award for this lovely rainstorm -- and I would like to send you the button, should you choose to display it.

  11. aaahhhhh.....

    A warm mug of wassail, and this would be an even more "Perfect Post."

    Congratulations! What a beautiful tribute - rainy days are my absolute FAVORITE.

    They're too few and far between...(*sigh*)

  12. Excellent video, loved it! I'm not usually fond of rain, but I'll remember your video and smile :)

  13. wow this is truly a beautiful video well done

  14. Quite beautiful.. quite :)

    I MUST learn how to do a video like that. Love the music too.. fabulous fabulous fabulous.

  15. oh i luved it...i luv rain...and i luv the warmth of the fire...the music is so fitting..

    thankyou for sharing..


  16. That was beautiful. I love the beauty of where you live. Great music too.


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