Seeking Comfort by the Fire

When JEJ enclosed the patio last spring he had one last project to do to make the job complete. He had gotten an old Franklin stove free a few years ago and we didn't have a place for it. We do love wood heat. We heat with wood in the house and also have a fireplace outside. Who couldn't resist another stove, especially if it was free? He got the stove set up so we could seek comfort by the fire this afternoon. As we relaxed, listened to the rain, and sat and read. Our kitten Kit decided he wanted to experience this comfort by the fire stuff. He cuddled up with Annie near the stove and decided it was the best seat in the house!


  1. Perfect! I'm enjoying our wood heat here as well.

    Cute pets!


  2. that's comfy at it's zenith.
    We haven't started our yet. Just hasn't gotten chilly enough. (our stove has glass doors so we can enjoy the flames. Love it)

  3. I just love wood heat also!


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