Saturday Road Trip: Making the Loop

Today we enjoyed an amazing road trip that included sunshine, blue skies, a digital camera, two dogs, snow, coffee, breathtaking scenery, and lots of great conversation. Enjoy the show!


  1. (Huge sigh, contented smile on face) That was lovely C -- that music is just about my favorite in the whole world, a perfect complement to your video!!! Just so, so fabulous!!

  2. Very nice. What a beautiful drive you took. And it looks like Shelby is doing better. Yeah...poor girl. The drive probably did her good. Great choice of music, too. What a beautiful way to start my morning.

  3. Splendid views and splendid music. I was transported to another place - paradise.

  4. (Growls with envy.) (Just kidding.)

    It's all about light and shadows, isn't it? The October light and those long shadows. It's a great slide show, so gorgeously highlighting the acres of beauty in your neck of the woods.

    Hey! Post a Shelby update. Are our prayers working!

  5. That was beautiful! The music was especially lovely. On Golden Pond. One of my all-time favorite movies, and set in my neck of the woods. But yours is lovely, too!

  6. Isn't it wonderful the way we can share each other's corners of the world? Yours is looking spectacular with the lovely yellows. Our vibrant oranges and reds are almost all gone after the wet and windy weekend weather (wow..what alliteration, and quite by accident!:)
    This morning we have our second hard frost...giving the fields across the road different kind of beauty...sparkling silver. It's pretty.
    I loved your slide show and the music is perfect. So beautiful! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day with your husband and the pooches :)
    Snow...brrr! Hope we don't see any for a while.

  7. I am glad you all enjoyed my video. Yes, On Golden Pond is one of my favorite themes and movies. When you organize something like this it causes you to look closer at pictures and notice small details as you relive the day.

  8. I didn't know tamaracks turned yellow in the fall! Besides the beauty of the North Country. . .I was transported to another time and place remembering that my parents used to cut tamarack for their winter fuel. Mom loved the way they crackled in the fireplace (wood stove in our case), and I loved it, too. Don't know when I will ever enjoy that sound again - as our house is all electric, and my dad converted his stove to gas.


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