Honoring Orange

Certain colors prevail in the garden during different times of the year. One week I can drive down the driveway and all I see blooming is pink. In early spring the garden speaks green. A few weeks ago yellow was the predominant color.
This week the color I am noticing is orange. Orange is a color that says autumn. Of course pumpkins come to mind immediately. I love trees that have leaves that turn orange. Then there is Virginia Creeper, assorted mums, and gourds ready to be harvested. When orange emerges in the garden it is vivid, bold, and showy. It mixes with yellow, red, and brown to create a blended tapestry that says October.I am glad I caught splashes of orange as I toured the garden recently. I hope the orange hangs on for a few more weeks. Amazingly, we still have not have a frost. When a frost hits colors will change again.


  1. Orange really is the color for October, isn't it? Love these fall photos. The nasturtiums look especially lovely - I wish they would grow better in my yard, than they do.

  2. I never used to like orange, but now I can't live without it !


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