Frost, My Favorite Leaves, and Other Friday Photos

I awoke this morning to our first frost. It wasn't a hard frost, but the windows of the car were white and I had to wear a heavier coat as I left the house. It was 31 in the car, but other staff members at school reported temperatures as low as 20 degrees at their houses. Later when the sun did come out so I could catch my favorite tree where I park each day. It is illuminated by the sunshine and the leaves are the kind you want to collect and iron into wax paper to keep forever. After it warmed up it was perfect weather for my students to be outside enjoying some fresh air at break. Here was a group doing some ninja thing together.After a long day another student decided resting in the shade and just observing was a good way to spend break time. Before I left the parking lot today I stopped and gazed at the leaves that had fallen from this tree again. Sadly, I know soon the tree will be bare and these leaves will have turned brown.I pulled over at one of my favorite spots on my drive home to snap a few more pictures. This is French Rock where the rocks are shadowed by the mountain in the late afternoon sun.



  1. we are gearing up for another frost tonight, too. It only got to 51 high today.

    I should have picked the few dahlias that were blooming yesterday for a bouquet. too late now. (I did hang the begonia in the garage)

  2. lovely photos as usual :)

    But, goodness, its still T-shirt weather there?? its NOT here, and we have had frosts for almost a fortnight now......

    and our clocks go back tonight..


  3. I'm visiting from Pamela's...I loved your sweet memories of you dad and fall time!

    This last photo, especially, is SO beautiful! (I live just west of you, in Oregon.)

  4. Your comment about the heavier coat made me chuckle. I have been yammering every spring/fall that I need a new spring/fall jacket -- I haven't had a decent jacket for at least 3 years and will NOT settle -- and just yesterday we had a light frost and I had to haul out my heavier coat and abandon my search for yet another season. My jacket search window of opportunity has officially slammed shut and will have to resume in the spring.

  5. Beautiful! I so love this time of year, and, like you, I'm lamenting that soon the last leaf will have fallen and the resplendent trees outside will be bare and skeletal against the darkening sky. I guess it's a different kind of beauty, but I admit that I much prefer fall's shamelessly showy splendor!

  6. Great views! We have very few trees with attractive colors due to the drought. But I know the joys of finding a perfect leaf!

  7. Thanks for all the comments. The mornings are getting colders and yes Katrina...we do move into a different type of beauty.
    Marmite: only is it t-shirt weather for middle school boys... they will wear shorts and t-shirts in snow in January. Go figure.


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