Friday Night LIghts: Homecoming More Than Twenty-Five Years Later

I don't think I have been back to my high school homecoming for at least twenty-five years. A perfect time to return to Teeter's Field in Kellogg, Idaho for the annual event is when your niece is running for homecoming queen. The football game was between the Kellogg Wildcats and the St. Maries Lumberjacks. Before the game the family got warmed up with Mom's homemade chili . We bundled up and headed to the game, thankful the rain had subsided. We were relieved there is now grass turf. Back in the day it would have been a messy mud fest .

My sister and I got in position before halftime down on the field with cameras ready as The Princess was escorted in for the crowning. I didn't get many good pictures, but above she is on the right in the beautiful black dress and white shawl. You can see better pictures of The Princess on my sister's blog here. We didn't care that she didn't win. It was a memorable evening that included Mom attending a football game after a long hiatus, my other two nieces running around having fun with their friends , my brother-in-law driving one of the royalty cars, my sister being photographer for The Princess and other candidates, and me being able to sing the school fight song after each touchdown which was quite frequently. The Wildcats won 61-12.


  1. Wow - more memories. I remember playing flag football on the field. I thought it was dirt back then. Thanks for the memories.

  2. The field was dirt and there were still kids playing at that end of the field. What a great night.


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