The Farewell to Summer Tour of the Gardens

As much as I love autumn, I also feel a sadness as we prepare to put the gardens to bed for winter. In recent days I have walked the gardens and recalled favorite plants with the help of digital picture collections. Realizing there are only a few more bouquets to arrange from the garden also makes me sad. Today I organized a few pictures collages... my Farewell to Summer Tour of the Gardens. The lilies were a huge success this year. I welcomed them during a hot, dry time in early August when other plants were drying up.

The raised beds produced lovely cut flowers, lots and lots of zucchini, hardy sunflowers, and tomatoes with a taste I wish I could hold on to through winter.I always love my geraniums. I felt like the variety of colors this year created bright spots around the gardens. Fortunately they have been moved to the greenhouse where they can winter over and be used for propagating more plants.The roses started out slow in the spring, but made up for it during the blooming season. How I will also miss walking through the garden in early morning smelling the roses.

Each season has its own beauty so I don't say good-bye to summer with too much sadness. When frost hits and the branches are bare a new stark beauty takes over in the garden. I will be ready again with my camera.


  1. :)

    I saw Alfre Woodard do Nikki Giovanni at lunch today. In a word: magnificent. I wish you could have been there!

  2. I'm enjoying the volunteer purple asters that have taken up residence in my yard. My zinnias are still holding on!

    Hmmm I wonder what the comment above means? Nikki lives in the town neighboring ours.

  3. Your gardens have been lovely this year! I've enjoyed the arm-chair tour of them!

  4. Thank you for this lovely and bittersweet tour. I know you make mental notes too of what to plant next year, an idea I'm borrowing from you. I'll miss your summer photos.


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