Wecome Back to School!

Today started out overcast with the promise of rain. Then the sun broke out as I drove to school and it was a hot late summer day that welcomed our students back to school.Here was the sign I created to welcome my excited middle school students today. It was a good start of the school year. Students were sharing their new school supplies with me since they know my love for them ranks up there with chocolate and coffee. I heard stories about summer adventures, shopping trips to the mall, and a student driving (underage), but she said it was an emergency!
I did a post last spring about the disarray of my papers and my desk. My goal is to keep my teacher space a big more organized this year. This is how it looked after ten minutes. I was even able to keep it this way through lunch. Progress!As writers I am encouraging my students to look for "wondrous words" . As we build a wall of these words by the computers it will enable them to try strong words in their writing. "Hot" in teen terms was nixed from the list today. Also, "pimping" my car was another one that just wouldn't fly. That sent them off to dictionaries to find more wondrous words. I even learned a few new ones I can use in my writing.

My new Mary Jane Crocs passed the test today. I was on my feet most of the day and as I am blogging tonight I am happy to announce that my feet don't ache. My colleagues that had their fancy, dancy high heels on today found out early that that wasn't going to work. I make a practical fashion statement when I teach. My middle school girls still just don't get it. Oh well... I don't think they would like to see "Ms. Crabby My Feet Hurt"!

It was a good day. I can't wait to visit, share, and teach more tomorrow.


  1. You scored big today!
    Clean desk.
    Student slang (nixed). [Love the wondrous words idea. Who knows they may build great vocabularies, before someone takes all the fun out of learning new words!]
    Comfy Crocs. (nixed Mrs. Crabby)

    [I also love that you work with Middle School students - Jr. High is a great age to work with. They really need to have fun and grow up with lots of love. "Bless their pointed heads!"]

    Looking forward to more teaching stories.

  2. I love back to school! I miss it. Miss it alot. I should go buy some new blouses and some pens. And I think they spell it 'hott'; at least my kids do. :/

  3. Totally awesome post! Hmmm, would awesome make the wonderous words list? I think not! This was a glorious first day back to school. May there be MANY more! Happy School Year!!!!!


  4. So they really are that comfy?
    No sweaty business?

  5. My daughter is in middle school now.... I hope her teachers are as excited to teach as you are.

  6. Wonderous words. Hmmm. How about Egad! Yep, Egad! Love that word.

  7. did you learn to canoe at neewalu???

  8. Love the wondrous words idea :) And the crocs look like just the thing for a long day in the classroom.

    Happy back to school!

  9. Sounds like you are well prepared for another exciting year. Love the Mary Janes, you are now offically cool. :)

  10. Good for you! My desk would not last too long I think.
    Have you tried Merrel's they have an arch support out of this world. I got a few pair. After knee surgery they were all I could wear without pain. I found some on e bay. The are so stylish.

  11. So will that desk stay that neat all year long? As soon as I clean my desk it seems like the piles of papers come back with vengence. Have a great school year!

  12. I have two pairs of mary jane crocs and they are my dress shoes :)
    Totally cute and more than appropriate for school.
    Hope your year is fabulous!!!

  13. Laurie5.9.07

    You would laugh if you could see the black, pointy-toed, stiletto heels I wear to school most days! No one believes me, but they are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn. I know, I know--still heels.

    Have a wonderful year, oh brief sixth grade teacher of mine.

  14. Have you tried the Sketchers? They are kind of, sort of mary jane looking and hands down THE most comfortable shoes on the planet. I bought 2 pairs and now I refuse to wear anything else to work (I teach, too) even though I had a little girl tell me that I was wearing shoes "just like her grandmother!"


  15. PIMD: Yes, I am glad also that I teach middle school kids. Today I laughed my head off, cried over a story of a family member's death, and marveled at their creative work. That is the intensity of young teens!
    JBelle: I would probably go buy new pens until I was 100 because I love that school supply/ school starting time. I guess I picked the right profession. Yes, I learned to canoe at Neewahlu... more comments to you later about that.
    la tea dah: Glorious made the wondrous word list!
    Becca: Today they added sticky notes to the poster and I was amazed at the Wondrous Words they found!
    Pamela: Crocs are comfortable for me and they never sweat. Some people clean theirs in the dishwasher!
    Shelby: How great... we share a love for middle school children!
    seenthatbefore: I will introduce Egad!
    Thanks Tammy! I hope I can continue to keep organized!
    Donetta: thanks for the tip!
    theresa: Ah! Another teacher that understands our desk problem!!
    Tori: I agree about the Crocs. Thanks for the warm words.
    Laurie: The only time I wore heels was in your brother and my sister's wedding and they killed my feet! I have always been a comfort shoe girl! Have a great year.
    moron family: thanks for visiting. Thanks for the tip on the shoes.


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