Top Ten Things That Put Ms. InlandEmpireGirl Over the Edge!

I gave my students a little quiz at the end of last week to see what they remembered about their teacher, classroom procedures, and the rules. During discussion these were their answers when asked to list :
Top Ten Things That Put Ms. InlandEmpireGirl Over the Edge in the Classroom:
10. Breaking brand new pencils in half and throwing them.
9. Laughing when somebody does something and feels embarrassed.
8. Hooking all the colored paper clips together to make a necklace, then putting them back in the holder.
7. Bullying.
6. Becoming aliens from a different planet when a sub comes.
5. Turning the slightly broken chair into a carnival ride on the slick floor.
4. Being tardy.
3. Drinking pop.
2. Announcing the state of the air quality in the bathroom upon returning to the room.
1. When answering the phone announcing to the principal, "Yes, she can come to the phone...she doesn't look like she is doing anything!!"

After two weeks.... I have not gone over the edge. I haven't even come close. It does help to have the same students a second year. I had a sub Friday that raved about the students' behavior. What a great start to another promising teaching year.


  1. I love the list! It sounds like your students are a hoot and that you have quite the knack for that age. Are you still loving your mary jane crocs?

  2. That is the best list I have ever read...LOL I could just picture my 13 year old on that chair with a big smile, skidding across the floor!

  3. Tori: Yes, they are a hoot. I think middle school is just the age for me, and yes! I do love my Mary Jane Crocs!
    Jen: Having a middle school student yourself you understand. lol

  4. What a great list - most of them would put any teacher over the edge - I'd bet. Glad you are enjoying your new school year.

  5. Ha! I loved that list! Teaching is the best, isn't it?!


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