Sunday Scribblings: Collector Personality

I have a few collections. All of them focus on things I love. Some started because of decorating a room. Others started but flourished as people gave me items as gifts. I love Mary Engelbreit and have received many of her products as gifts. I have now used them to create creative surroundings in my guest room/office. Another thing I collect are roosters and chickens. This began when we had chickens, then it worked well with my kitchen decor. You can see a nice collage of this collection on my brother's blog here. My watering can collection has been the most fun to create. It started when I saw some galvanized watering cans at a antique store. After that I was always on the lookout for unique watering cans. I have also received some as gifts. Most of them have come from yard sales, second hand stores, and Value Village. They add charm to my greenhouse and my new garden room in the winter. They are often used as vases to hold cut flowers. In the growing months they are placed in different locations around my yard. My favorite one is the cobalt blue one above with the green handle in the center of the collage. Raymond Pert created that for me as a gift one Christmas.

My collections tend to center around the things I love.That would also explain my collections of books, cookbooks, cross necklaces, and snowmen. You can read about other collector personalities here.


  1. I thought they were teapots at first. Me and my one track mind. I have one ceramic watering "can" that my son made me. It looks very phallic.

    I'd like to collect birdhouses but I worry about the expense. Gotta hit the yard sales, I guess.

  2. What a perfect thing for a gardener to collect! They're lovely- and functional :)

  3. Sometimes I wonder if the stork dropped me off at the wrong house back in 1953! You and Mom and Silver Valley Girl and Everett and Paul and even Dad enjoy collecting things so much....and I am so different about this. Maybe I got some claustrophobia gene from some Wilson side of the family weird-o!

  4. Groovy collections! Watering cans bring back such memories. I bought one at a garage sale from a farm couple who were living in the suburbs of Chicago but moving on and didn't need all their gardening gear--made me sad.
    Wasn't this a fun prompt?

  5. great collections. I am impressed :)

  6. Perfect. They do make charming vases and magazine holders, and, and...nice photo, too!

  7. We seem to have a lot of the same collections,Mary Engelbriet,books, cookbooks and cross pendants.I also love heart rocks.

  8. I like your collection. I don't know Lake Roosevelt, but I grew up in Seattle and was just in the North Cascades traveling last month.
    I'll come back for more.

  9. What a great collection. I loved the pictures.

  10. Cool buckets! They must be fun to use.

  11. I love M.E. as well. What cool watering cans. I haven't written for th e prompt this week but I got the haiku for ODB done from last week.

  12. Colleen: Birdhouses would be fun. It is amazing what I have found at yard sales.
    Becca: It has been a fun collection.
    Hey RP/West/Woolum/Wilson: Didn't you used to collect Matchbox cars?
    Noni: Watering cans do bring back memories and I did love the prompt. I have learned so much about others.
    Shelby: Thanks so much.
    Tumblewords: I hadn't thought of magazine holders!
    Yolanda: that is amazing. I don't collect heart rocks, but do collect heart necklaces also. I love the heart rock idea!
    Sarala: Welcome. Lake Roosevelt is the the Columbia River behind Grand Coulee Dam. It is just called a lake. I love the North Cascades.
    Boricua:Welcome. Thanks... it was fun going around and taking them a appreciating my watering cans again.
    gilson: they are fun.
    jone: I will have to get over and read the haiku. Isn't M E so talented?

  13. Such a pretty collection of your photos of your collection of watering cans! My two seem horrendously dull now....

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh, I love your watering cans! What a great thing to collect. Wish I had more room.


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