Southern Ferry County Road Trip: Part 1

I live in Ferry County in the state of Washington. Our county covers 2,200 miles of rugged, mountainous terrain in the northeastern part of the state. Lake Roosevelt is along the eastern border.The Colville Confederated Tribe owns the southern portion of the county, while the northern half makes up a portion of the Colville National Forest. The population is about 7400 people.It has often been stated that the only ways in and out of the county are over the highest year-round mountain pass in Washington (Sherman), aboard a ferry(Inchelium/Gifford ferry), or through a foreign country(Canada).

Recently we did a road trip and explored the southern portion of the county. JEJ had logged in this area many years ago. Students and friends live in this part of the county, but I had never taken in the road trip. I discovered another area of the inland empire that was breathtakingly beautiful . It was a sunny, late summer day. We packed a picnic, the camera, and the dogs. We captured images of places I had always wanted to see.We headed down Silver Creek road and were first greeted by a mix of farmland, hills, and mountains in the horizon.
Heading south along Lake Roosevelt we enjoyed a favorite view of mine. This part of the lake between Inchelium and Two Rivers (where the Spokane River connects) is spectacular.We then explored some mountain roads that were bordered by underbrush, creeks, ferns, and towering pines. Driving along another dirt road we spotted some horses by an artesian well.
Box Canyon is a landmark well known to the people of Inchelium. We stopped several times and found the sun dropping behind the rocks a lovely site.
At the end of our road trip we stopped to get an image the setting sun behind these trees. It was a joy to discover so much beauty and such an untouched part or our state. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this road trip.


  1. "It was a joy to discover so much beauty and such an untouched part or our state."

    For me - it was joyous to be part of your sharing this! :)

  2. It is lovely there. I would love to visit sometime . Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. What a great road trip. And great pictures. I always feel so grateful to live in the Northwest. Well, not so much when the snow flies - I'm a flip flop kinda girl.

  4. Shelby: I hope you find treasures like this on your road trip.
    Yolanda: It is a beautiful part of our state.
    Jackie: I know you are a summer girl... I will miss your blog.


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