Sibling Writing Assignment # 35: Photo Images With the Camera Doing the Seeing

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." Helen Keller

Here is the assignment Raymond Pert gave us this week. "Over the next week, take some pictures as if you were legally blind. Imagine what the camera is seeing and let it do the seeing for you. So, snap legally blindly away and decide what picture or pictures you'd like to post and write about what you see in the pictures that you didn't see with your eyes because you let your camera do the seeing for you. " Raymond Pert's here
and Silver Valley Girl's here.

What I noticed as I was doing this exercise in the yard was the challenge of light and shadows. Part of this is because of the changing of the seasons with the sun in different places at the same time of day. When I pointed the camera toward light like the sunflowers above it worked beautifully.

This is an example of the shadow and light difficulty. When you just point and shoot the balance is hard to work with. The light here stands out in the background while the shadows surround the plants along the garage. I like the dark look of the plants. It give them richer textures.These geraniums are along a rock wall. The same pattern happened here. The dark shadows in front then widen out to much more light.

Here I wanted to capture the living and dying contrast. Part of the garden we are keeping alive, but the rest we let go to save water. Because I was facing the right way and the light worked, the shadows are only on the beans. The contrast is clearly noticeable with the dry dill in the middle.I ended with the picture of the fall flag. My face was toward the warmth of the sun so I figured there would be enough light when I opened my eyes. The light makes the colors of the flag radiate while the background takes a less important role.

This was a good experience. I often fuss over the surroundings and location to take a simple picture. This was a relaxing, yet surprising photo walk.

This assignment was inspired by the methods of the photographer at Dog's Eye View. If you haven't visited this blog, take time to visit and enjoy the incredible display of photography.


  1. ACK! shirtless G-mary

    I need to go be alone for a awhile -cries-

    At least it wasn't NAKED G-MARY

  2. Princess: Very true! I am afraid then I would have driven off the road... not good way up on the Page Rd.

  3. Interesting photo assignment-I'll have to try it one day.

    I was wondering if the forest fire I'm reading about is anywhere near you?

  4. It was fun Janet. The fires are not too close to use now, although there was one across the border in Canada that was big. That is about fifty miles away.

  5. Wow! I think it’s wonderful that you are attempting to see the world from other perspectives. And I am honored that I (and my photography) have somehow influenced this activity. :-)

  6. l^2: It was a good assignment. When I looked at your blog yesterday at the baby pictures I was amazed at their beauty. Continue your good works.


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