Sibling Assignment #38: Road Trips Through North Idaho

Our sibling assignment this week was to take the song "Sleepless" our friend Tim O'Reilly had composed as a soundtrack and create a video of pictures we had taken or scanned. Then we were to post it on You Tube. I had never made a video or downloading anything on You Tube so this was quite the learning experience. You can view Raymond Pert's video here and Silver Valley Girl's here.
This was my composing process. I listened to the composition numerous times with my eyes closed to see what images came to me. I saw scenic pictures and people from my road trips this last year through northern Idaho. Tim grew up with us and shared many of the same images, so I also tried to imagine what he would see. Thanks so much Tim for the music. I love the song. Enjoy!


  1. What an interesting assignment. Nice job of fitting images to the music!

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  3. Rondi:
    I am still amazed I did it all! Now I am ready to experiment more with photos and music.

  4. Good job on your video. It was interestig beginning with he music first. I'm sure there will be more video assignments in our future.

  5. What!!!!!A road trip through n.i. with no photo of the C of the U????
    Other than that major miscue, very nice. one day I will learn how to do something like this. HA...don't hold your breath.

  6. Anonymous25.9.07

    IEG: you are amazing! The cut was a slice hacked out of a larger piece. Please let me know about your future music/video projects--and we will see if I can fit the music as well as you fit the video. Thank you!
    Tim O'Reilly

  7. SVG: It was interesting starting with the music... oh dear... I am afraid I have another obsession.
    seenthatbefore;You would be amazed how easy this video stuff is with photos. I just sat down and figured it out and I am no techie whiz. I has to shorten the video to match the music so the 13 13 Club picture how to go... and the pciture of my niece singing is at the Melodrama in the Center of the Universe!
    Right back at you... I loved the music. At first I was just going to focus on trees, but I broadened it. I have a feeling between Raymond, SilverValleyGirl and myself more videos will be coming.


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