Out of Service, Out of Service

We have been out of Internet service for about eight hours. I guess it was a widespread outage in Washington and Oregon with CenturyTel. It just came back up again in time for me to post this perfect picture JEJ took of the dogs checking out the hillside from our deck today.

I am coordinating a trip to my favorite Idaho campground with a meeting at the University of Idaho this week-end. We will be out of Internet service at Heyburn State Park so I will check back in on Sunday with stories and photos. This is my new favorite color for ivy geraniums. I hope I can winter this beauty in the greenhouse.


  1. The area around U of I should be simply beautiful this week-end. Have an enjoyable, autumn time!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. That picture of the dogs is priceless. Just makes you wonder all kinds of things looking at it! Have a great trip - we'll be waiting for photos. And, that geranium color is awesome. I hope you can keep it - I've never been able to.


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