Native American Week at School

This week our school is celebrating Native American Week. The school community has enjoyed storytellers, crafts, music, art, and Native history. Recently murals were painted on the side of the community center in town. It is such a focal point when you drive toward the school. BS, the father on one of my students was the artist that did the eagle on the left.

This father came to teach my classes how to do drawing this week. It was amazing to watch him take an eagle and help us see how we can sketch this majestic animal. Students were very focused and also asked to learn to sketch roses, horses, and buffalo. Here is a start on a buffalo sketch by one of my seventh graders. There will then be an art contest and students can choose their best work to be judged.Here is a closer view of BS's eagle mural on the building. This was the advice he gave the students today. " All you need to do is take time and draw and draw and practice. Take a break from the video games and T.V. and sit with paper and pencil. "
Students were willing to experiment with other sketches after he left. I have many talented artists!


  1. That's great advice.

  2. Wow --- what great art! And what a special week at school! I'd love to be there to celebrate with you!


  3. That's awesome! All of it! What a great experience for your kids!

  4. Laurie27.9.07

    Love the new color and picture. It suits the tone of your blog!

    Love the advice from your artist. I worry that so many people these days (kids and adults) never have a moment of silence in their day. Oh, what could we do with moments of silence?

  5. There is a huge POW WOW scheduled at the community college on saturday.

    I'm so excited... I'm going to go see the art and the pageantry.

    I'm not sure how many tribes, but I will be taking pictures and notes.

  6. Shelby: Yes it was, and I have allowed students to have time to draw this week.
    la tea dah: It was a good week and then we also have today off in honor of Native American Day.
    Rondi: Our kids love to see their families involved and teaching others.
    laurie: I love adjusting my blog to the seasons. I tried to build in more time for them to draw and think this week.
    Pamela: Enjoy. Pow Wows are such a wonderful thing to experience.

  7. Thanks for sharing about your class this week and the wonderful artwork and mural! Good advice too. You know this is near and dear to my heart.

  8. That's wonderful! I love the mural, too. Let's hope the drawing will stick with the kids and they'll remember his advice. I wish I'd tried harder at art when I was younger.

  9. Noni: It was good advice. I think I should try to follow it also. I knew it was dear to your heart. You would love to visit our reservation!
    Janet: You know what? It is never too late. I bought a sketch book and I am determined to follow BS's advice!

  10. Great advice, and a great mural. Looks like the students are off to a great start, too.


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